Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


Every year we have been asked a list of questions that you might find interesting.
  • How much does it cost?
    • There is no price for seeing the lights! All of our services are free. However, we do accept donations.


  • How many lights do you put up every year?
    • We stopped counting at 100+ thousand lights.


  • How do you power all the lights?
    • We have two 200 amp breaker boxes and three breakers in the house that powers all the lights on the property.


  • When do you start putting up the lights?
    • We start putting up lights in October and continue to put up lights until the last week of November.


  • How many people to you have come through your yard?
    • In 2008, we had about 7,000 people walk through the yard.


  • Where do you get all the lights?
    • We usually get them during after Christmas sales in local stores or online. Most of the lights have been collected throughout the years.


  • How many people help put up the lights?
    • Volunteers are always welcomed. However, Joe Tripp and Family are the ones who are responsible for the lights. We do have volunteers to come out and help place the plastic figures and wire decorations.


  • Can I take my own pictures and/or record video for personal use?
      • Yes! We welcome people to take their own pictures and record video of the lights and Santa! Bring your camera or video recorder and take as much pictures or video as you want. However, we do ask that if you post it online please link it to our website so people can find out more about us.




  • How much are the pictures with Santa Claus?
      • FREE! The pictures with Santa Claus are completely free and are given to you as a gift from the Tripp Family. Due to the lack of resources and staff, we will not be taking Santa pictures as of 2011. Thank you for your understanding.